Residential Searches

High school seniors report using marijuana in the past month, according to the National Institute of Drug Abuse.
Parents believe there is little they can do to prevent teen drug use despite evidence that shows parental involvement is the strongest factor in prevention.
Teens have abused prescription medications, according to the Center for Disease Control.

Private & Discreet.

Bring your worries to an end.

There are parents here in Northwest Indiana struggling at this very moment, wondering if their child is using drugs or even hiding them in the house, right under their noses. Monitoring your child's Facebook and Instagram account or searching through their belongings is no longer bringing peace-of-mind.

Trained and Professional.

Hiring Swets K9 & Investigative Services is a fast and unique way to get the truth. Our trained dog and professional handler provides discreet and thorough searches of your home and property, without needing a visit from outside authorities.  Your property remains secure, your home is not torn apart and you are able to handle matters privately and personally.

When leaving your home, we look to give you a peace-of-mind, knowing your home has been cleared as a drug free environment. Having your home searched will help you make decisions going forward in how to protect your children and home from drugs. Our handler is prepared with information on drug identification and rehab facilities, if needed to help parents.

We Can Search Anywhere

  1. Bedrooms
  2. Cabinets
  3. Attics
  4. Garage
  5. Vehicles
  6. Basements
  1. Sheds
  2. In & Around Furniture
  3. Backpacks
  4. Bathrooms
  5. Closets
  6. Front & Back Yards

Let Us Help Reduce The Risks Associated With Narcotics

What To Expect

The Contract
Before the search begins, we will have an initial consultation with the parent discussing the details of the search: areas, time frame, etc. Once details have been discussed each client must sign a contract that outlines the details of the process, expectations and confidentiality. Only one parent is allowed to accompany the dog and its handler, as it minimizes distractions for everyone involved. We also suggest the suspected drug user not be present during the search, as this reduce family friction.
The Walk Through
Upon our arrival the handler will meet with the parent to review details of the search and discuss any additional questions or concerns about the search process. They will then start a walk-through overview, where the handler only and the parent will walk the home discussing the search areas. Our goal is to make sure everyone understands the process prior to starting.
The Search
Once the search begins, the dog, along with their handler, is taken from  room-to-room covering discussed areas. If the dog picks up a scent, the dog will passively alert the handler of the spot. The handler will then mark the spot for further testing/searching.  The search will continue until all agreed areas are searched. Our trained dog can pick up the scent of marijuana, fentanyl, cocaine and its derivatives, heroin, and methamphetamines.
The Wrap Up
Before the exiting the property, the handler will review any of the spots the dog had indicated during the search. If drugs are found, it is up to the client to dispose of them. Handlers are not allowed to take the drugs with them under any circumstances. If necessary, we offer drug identification guides and drug testing kits onsite for purchase so clients can verify substance. We can also provide contact information for local rehab facilities.