Commercial & Business Searches

Employees use their lunch break to get high while 19% report doing it “any” time during the work day.
Employees report having used drugs while at work, including opiates, amphetamines, and cocaine.
Employees substituted their urine to pass a workplace drug test in 2017.
For more statistics related to work place drug abuse visit Detox
Drug Dog Sitting

Fast & Efficient.

Protect your business and reduce your risk.

Illegal drug use can dramatically impact a company’s safety and bottom line. It can affect employee performance and attendance, medical costs, and theft.  Additionally, customer perceptions may be negatively impacted.

Experienced and Certified.

Hiring Swets K9 & Investigative Services is a fast and unique way to uncover drugs in your workplace. Our experienced and certified dog and handler provide discreet and thorough searches of your business, without needing a visit from outside authorities.  Your property remains secure, your business is not torn apart and you are able to handle matters privately and personally.

Let us help you walk into work confident that your employees are in a safe environment, with reduced workplace injuries and accidents through a drug free work environment. The addition of regularly scheduled searches over time can help reduce theft, increase productivity, and help foster employee awareness of the safety benefits of a drug free environment.

Benefits of Conducting Routine K9 Searches:

  • Covers places not seen by security cameras
  • Less invasive than employee drug testing
  • Improves workers productivity
  • Helps ensure an environment that is safe and secure for employees and customers

We Can Search Anywhere

  1. Production Facilities & Factories
  2. Office & Administrative Spaces
  3. Break-rooms & Lockers
  4. Malls & Retail Shopping Centers
  5. Convention Centers
  6. Public & Private Sporting Events
  7. Halfway Houses & Rehab Facilities
  8. Garages & Employee Parking

Let Us Help Reduce The Risks Associated With Narcotics

What To Expect

The Contract
Before the search begins, we will have an initial consultation with the business owner or representative discussing the details of the search: areas, time frame, frequency, etc. Once details have been discussed each client must sign a contract that outlines the details of the search, expectations and confidentiality.
The Walk Through
Upon our arrival the handler will meet with the contact person to review the details of the search and discuss any additional questions or concerns about the search process. They will then start a walk-through overview, where the handler only and the contact person will walk the property discussing the search areas. Our goal is to make sure everyone understands the process prior to starting.
The Search
Once the search begins, the dog, along with their handler, is taken from room-to-room covering discussed areas. If the dog picks up a scent, the dog will passively alert the handler of the spot. The handler will then mark the spot for further testing/searching.  The search will continue until all agreed areas are searched. Our trained dog can pick up the scent of marijuana, fentanyl, cocaine and its derivatives, heroin, and methamphetamines.
The Wrap Up
Before exiting the property, the handler will review any of the spots the dog had indicated during the search. If drugs are found, it is up to the client to dispose of them. Handlers are not allowed to take the drugs with them under any circumstances. If necessary, we offer drug identification guides and drug testing kits onsite for purchase so clients can verify substance. We can also provide contact information for local rehab facilities.