About Us

Our Mission

Swets K9 & Investigative Services was founded so that concerned parents, school administrators, business owners, public venues, and event security professionals could have the same tools available to them that law enforcement does.

No matter what your situation, Swets K9 & Investigative Services has the investigators and the experience to bring you the answers that you need.  It is our mission to deliver each and every client a confidential, discreet, and satisfactory experience. We take pride in representing our client's interests with the SAME integrity, professionalism, and discretion that we would demand of someone representing our own interests.

Ronald “Scott” Swets

Founder and CEO Scott has dedicated his life to helping others. Serving in the Public Safety Sector for over 35 years, including 21 years of service as a Firefighter/Paramedic and over 10 years in Law Enforcement. Scott has been on the frontlines of aiding people in need. In the last 4 years, Scott has dedicated his time and life to Zeus, his 5-year-old German Shepherd. Zeus is a trained and certified drug and protection K9. Together Scott and Zeus have dedicated their services to helping schools, parents, and business maintain a drug free environment.


Trained at Landheim Training Center in Dyer, Indiana.  Zeus is certified to American Police Canine Association Standards to detect marijuana, fentanyl, cocaine and its derivatives, heroin, methamphetamines, MDMA (Ecstasy), PCP and LSD.

Scott and Zeus take searching seriously. Each month they receive over 16 hours of continued training and education on top of the annual drug detection, obedience and protection certification. Zeus is a graduate of basic obedience, advance obedience and canine good citizenship.

Memberships and Associations
ASIS Member LogoIndiana Association of professional investigators

Confidentiality Policy

We understand that our client’s needs are sensitive, and as such the nature of our private investigations are sensitive. We uphold the highest standards of confidentiality in the industry to insure that your interests are protected at all times, and never compromised. We maintain strict privacy standards, and only provide information to you, our client.

It is our policy that all reports, data, information, and physical and electronic recordings received by Swets K9 & Investigative services are strictly and wholly for the private and exclusive use of our clients. We also maintain the highest available levels of information security in our office to ensure that any information we obtain stays secure and private, and away from hackers and others who may seek to exploit it.